Maid Day Cleaning Solutions

Eco Green Aroma Therapy for your home.

Take comfort in knowing that your home is a healthy home.

heppa Maid Day natural products are a uniquely specialized line of natural cleaning products of aromatherapy and the science of cleaning. Our ECO products are designed to first and foremost get your dirtiest cleaning jobs done while at the same time creating an ultra-fragrant, all natural cleaning experience for the user. Our Maids use these products daily and we ensure their health and safety as to yours. We use HEPA filtered vacuums which pick up 99.9% of pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and purify the air while vacuuming all floors, carpets & upholstery.

We use pure essential natural cleaning products of the highest quality and strive to create unique blends that will be universally loved, easy on the nose, and have great staying power in our customers’ homes.

Why Go Green?

Imagine…a full line of all natural, non-toxic, impressively effective home cleaning products available in more than a dozen inspiring scents. That’s what sets Maid Day apart from the rest of the cleaning competitors. This gives Maid Day a unique edge over the competition. Our first goal is to give you safe and friendly solutions needed to keep your home naturally spotless, but just as important to us is creating a uniquely fragrant natural cleaning experience for your home. We truly care about our customers for all your residential cleaning needs. Choosing natural cleaning products is one of the best decisions you can make for the health and well being of yourself and your family.

Aroma Fresh & Germ Free

Think clean, very clean. Whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, office, vacuuming carpets & floors, etc., Our Hepa Filter vacuums & Natural All purpose cleaner not only cleans impressively well, but the scent of our cleansers will be around long after we’ve finished cleaning.

Our ECO green line of products cleans disinfects and deodorizes effortlessly and is safe for use on all non-porous surfaces. Contains nothing that doesn’t come from a plant or smell absolutely heavenly. Maid Day uses our all natural cleaners with confidence all over your home. Special surfaces like granite and natural stone we use a mild, gentle, perfectly pH neutral formula that will safely clean and disinfect your counters leaving them spotless and free of film.

The products we use are extraordinary in both performance and scent. As for the germs? Pure essential cleansers are strongly antibacterial in nature too.

Our commitment to purity, quality and customer satisfaction goes as far as a guarantee that our products. Maid Day scents can even be custom blended to fit your own scent preferences or specifications. We can assure you that your cleaning experience will not be hindered by the presence of unhealthy, oftentimes toxic chemicals. Our products are safe for kids, pets, the environment and you. So live healthy, be happy, and treat yourself to a truly enjoyable, new way of cleaning.

An Environmentally-Friendly World…

Did you know that household ammonia qualifies as a bio-degradable substance? This means it can get flushed down the drain and eventually break down enough that it won’t harm our rivers, lakes, oceans, aquatic life, etc. But what’s it doing to your lungs, eyes, skin, and overall health in the process? I don’t know about you but we think human life is every bit as important as aquatic life. Be careful when choosing natural cleaning products. Environmentally friendly doesn’t always mean people-friendly.

All the Beautiful Colours…

Think that bright pink or purple natural cleaning product you’ve been using is really all natural? Think again. We’ve searched high and low for techno-colored plant matter but have so far come up empty. And try as we might we just can’t seem to get our lavender oil to turn anything purple. In fact, natural stuff is usually rather unattractive and lavender oil isn’t purple at all. So now when you see a crystal clear or beautifully colored “all natural cleaning product” you’ll know – if it’s so natural, how’d they get it to look so pretty? No artificial colors, no additive, just pure & natural.

The Anti-Bacterial Revolution…

Having a hard time finding something that isn’t anti-bacterial these days? Did you know that when you purchase a commercial anti-bacterial cleaning product you are buying a product that contains pesticides? Yes, synthetic germ killing agents are registered pesticides. But more importantly, for these pesticides to work they’re supposed to remain on the surface for sometimes as long as ten minutes. Since few people actually apply this practice to their cleaning regimen you’re left with a false sense of security about the products they are using.

A Word About Eco…

They clean as wonderfully as they smell. If you press on the peel of any citrus fruit, out comes a substance that not only smells heavenly, but it has in itself an impressive ability to cleanse, disinfect and deodorize your home. The end result is a highly effective, intoxicatingly aromatic cleaning agent.

The CMA Says…

The Canadian Medical Association spends a fair amount of time studying up on what’s good for us. What’s not so good? The overuse of anti-bacterial products. According to the CMA the safest, healthiest, most effective way to control the spread of germs and bacteria is by surface washing with soap and water. Think of us as soap and water on steroids. Without the soapy residue.

Children & Pets

Household cleaners can be extremely toxic to pets, as can common bug sprays and garden pesticides. Every year, more and more children and adults develop allergies and asthma. A lot of these problems come from the type of cleaning products that we use. They contain chemicals and toxins that make us sick. Our Aroma Care Cleaning will help eliminate those allergens. Children are more susceptible to toxins than adults are. They receive proportionately larger doses of environmental toxins than adults as well. Children play on the floor where allergens such as dust and heavier-than-air chemicals settle and collect. Most young children tend to put these things into
their mouths.